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    When the voice tells the story, it reveals much more than just words. Its texture, feel, tone color, personality reveal a story behind the narrative.

    A good voice brings out the best of what is said with it. Such is the case of Zelle, a quintet of twenty-something musicians who passionately weave their lives into the music they play. The centerpiece of the band's music is the voice of singer-songwriter Jeazell Grutas. Brought up in a brood of musicians, Jeazell took her singing and guitar playing more seriously than other kids her age when she was only 14. Years later she formed her own band.

    Joining Jeazell in her music-making chores is brother Jasper Grutas who plays drums, Anthony Ramirez who plays violin, Enan Cruz who plays Bass, and Archie Salvador who plays lead guitar collectively call themselves Zelle in reference to the voice that put them together.

    Their music is set in Alternative Pop-Rock consciousness, with a twist all to its own. Aside from the violin tracks that lace the songs, it is the voice that permeates and grabs you. But what make the songs shine all the more is its honesty; honesty not only of feelings, but of individual style and the unwavering commitment to real musical objectives. They make music that holds its own ground amidst the buffet of present day pop.

    The artistically-crafted album of 11 original songs christened Search for Warmth is borne by the union of both masculine and feminine in the band. Their sound is passionate, melancholic and intimately heartwarming, yet also strong-willed, intense and even aggressive. It is made up of songs written mainly by the lady-of-the-house. It took over a year of hard work to complete the collection. Part of the time spent on the album was finding their collective musical voice – one that is cohesive and tight yet does not downplay each musician's individual strengths. Zelle is destined to be a musical phenomenon.


Jeazell Grutas
Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

    Jeazell took on music at an early age of 10, and without her parents’ prodding, started singing and strumming the guitar. At age 14, Jeazell took her craft seriously and set out to become a true-blooded musician. She practiced and auditioned on her own at local bars, and this persistence has helped her develop the voice as we all hear from this album.

Anthony Ramirez

    Aside from the violin, Anthony also plays the piano and guitar. He claims to be better with the latter two instruments but he decided to focus on the violin for his recoding career. He grew up listening to standards his father would play as he was growing up, and took formal lessons in music as a teenager. Beneath the façade of this quiet gentleman is a passion for adventure – Anthony is into motorcycle racing and loves traveling and snorkeling.

Enan Cruz

    His foray into the music scene started with a dance group where he was once a member. By starting with aimless tinkering, Enan eventually got the knack of guided yet passionate strummings of the guitar. He is considered the most cheerful in the band. When asked what was the most difficult experience in the band, he facetiously replied ‘Ang hirap mag-diet!’. Enan wears a seemingly impish yet sincere smile.

Archie Salvador
Lead Guitar

    It was Christian rock music that got Archie into music. He fell in love with the idea of playing the guitar and started by self study, “patanong-tanong ng chords, until I decided to take up formal lessons.” He started the basics and the rest he developed on his own. Archie is the newest addition to the group, and says it was an honor to have been invited to join the group. Archie loves cars.

Jasper Grutas

    You can’t escape music if you’re born into a family that has music as the second language. Jasper (Jeazell’s older brother) just couldn’t resist the calling. He used to be part of another band until Jeazell invited him to join her group. This guy is really into his craft and spends hours and hours in their home studio mastering his chops. With his passion for perfection, Jasper honed his craft by taking personal lessons from respected drummer Benjamin Mendez.



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For Inquiries and Bookings:

Myke Sarthou
75-A Maginoo Street. Diliman, Quezon City 1100, Philippines
Mobile:  (0917) 3286582
Telefax: (02) 4330790

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Search for Warmth (2008)
'Songs that keep you company when
you're left in the cold.'

Talentfolio/Upperhand Entertainment
Released under Sony BMG Music Entertainment

  1. Akala mo lang
  2. Wrong way
  3. As you believe
  4. Di na sana
  5. Lihim
  6. Coffee Break
  7. Panaginip
  8. Kaibigan blues
  9. Ikaw ang hanap
  10. Sabihin
  11. Ikot ng mundo
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Awards / Recognition:

  • Nominated for "Breakthrough Artist" and "Song of the Year" for SABIHIN at SOP PasiklaBand 2008!

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  • Jasper Grutas, who plays drums and Jeazell Grutas on vocals, are brother and sister.


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