Music Artist:


Genre: Rock
Hometown: Los Baños, Laguna


The UP Los Baños/Los Baños music community plays host to numerous bands who serve their own takes on rock music and exhibit the diversity of their scene. From indie pop to funk-rock to soul to metal, the scene's boasting of its roster of musicians seems to see no bounds as current bands keep on getting better, and new ones keep on being formed. One such band that was formed around this environment is the quintet that calls themselves Exillion. Exillion's sound takes from the sensibilities of Power Metal, but their topics deviate from the normal medieval and dungeons-and-dragons-type of themes. Instead, the band harnesses their music to deliver their stories about the evils of humanity, hope, and freedom. Aside from that, they have found a way to infuse elements of Metalcore and Hard Rock. They, however, would like to consider their music as straight-up Rock. The concept of forming a band came about sometime in February 2009 around musician wunderkind SEGA and another musician friend, who both wanted to try their hands at power metal. Immediately after agreeing on forming the band, the two began rounding up the would-be members of the project. However, SEGA's co-conspirator had already committed himself to responsibilities to his main band and schooling, forcing him to leave before they even started completing the line-up, leaving SEGA with no choice but to continue assembling the band on his own. He eventually enlisted fellow UP Jammers' Club members Jec Castillo and Peter Lazo, former LBFM 97.4 DJ (and current NU107 DJ) Cyrus Fernandez, and Hyena Harmonies Inc drummer Bernard Gonzales to fill the positions missing in the band. Immediately after, the quintet started to work on their catalog of would-be originals. A few months after they started writing, the songs "Countdown", "Godmachine", "Saints", and "Slaves of Society" came into being. A few months later, however, Bernard Gonzales and Exillion came into a mutual agreement to go their separate ways as he is to concentrate on Hyena Harmonies Inc. He was replaced by Voltaire del Rosario behind the kit eventually. Fast forward to the present. The band has now returned to writing new material and is gunning for a release sometime towards the end of the year 2010. Their song Godmachine has also been already introduced to the playlist of NU107, and can be requested for by anyone during remote control weekends.


Cyrus Fernandez - Vocals 
Sega - Guitar 
Jec Castillo  - Guitar 
Peter Lazo - Bass 
Voltaire del Rosario - Drums 


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Sazi's Bar, Espana, Manila
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Audio Heavy Productions presents
Rocket Ride
Route 196, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City

  Thu Club Dredd, 2/F Gweilos, Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City


For Inquiries and Bookings:

Cyrus Fernandez - 0915 859 3050 
or send an email to:







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