Ang Larawan

        This story set before World War II in Intramuros tells of the plight of sisters Candida and Paula Marasigan, daughters of high-profile painter Don Lorenzo Marasigan. Since Don Lorenzo has not produced a single painting for a … Continued

Ang Panday

         Directed by and starring Coco Martin   Screening 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival  December 25, 2017   Studio CCM Film Productions   Trailer   Teaser Poster  


a film by ALVIN YAPAN     By asking for Linda’s hand in marriage, Elmer, a small-scale miner, plans to finally establish a life of his own; separate from Kapitana, his long-time employer-benefactor who buys the gold he mines. Linda … Continued

Die Beautiful

  A transgender woman’s corpse is stolen by her friends to honor her wish to be presented as a different celebrity on each night of her wake. A poignant character study celebrating individuality.   Social Media   Screening 2016 Metro … Continued

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