The Philippines takes pride in its enormously talented and artistic people. Artists in the Philippines are everywhere; they also excel in their fields of existence but only few are known to the general public. There are those who are marketed by big studios and media networks and there are also independent artists who despite being new to the scene possess great talent and potential. Mainstream or independent, these artists lack the support that would showcase their talent and works to the broad general public here and abroad through the new media – the internet.

Even the well known Filipino talents have limited information both in the internet and printed publications, one need to search intensely to find the information that you need. Overwhelmed by the talents that surround us, Anino Design started to create Ägimat Project: Indie Multi-Media”, an advocacy project that support, market and promote the talents and art works of Filipinos. Soon other groups and individuals follow the vision of the project.

For the first 3 years, the “Agimat Project” focused on freely helping independent artists in promoting their works online. On our 3rd Anniversary, we broaden our reach to all kinds of artists, either mainstream or independent artists in the different fields of art.

With our new name … “Agimat: Sining at Kulturang Pinoy”, we pledge to create a rich content artist’s database and make it as the ultimate resource material for artist information. The “Agimat Project” envisions educating Filipinos on our rich cultural heritage and introducing them to the bountiful Filipino artists of the new millennium.

Agimat shall be the Filipino artists’ talisman to usher them to greater heights into making Filipino artistry and talent known worldwide, more importantly to the Filipino people.


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As we walk the path in achieving the goal of Agimat Project. We encounter the new talisman of the youth today… entrepreneurship. We salute their courage in facing the giants of the business industries and on standing tall above the rest. In addition to our mission, we are also promoting Student Entrepreneurs, the next nation builders of the future.