Form Out of Material, Material Out of Form

Monica Delgado, Michelle Pérez and Atsuko Yamagata’s Group Exhibition



November 11 – December 29, 2017
Galleria Duemila
210 Loring St. 1300 Pasay City
+63 2 831 9990 (tel), +63 2 833 9815 (fax), +63 927 629 4612 (mobile) or at


Galleria Duemila proudly presents a three-woman exhibit of Visual Artists Monica Delgado, Michelle Pérez and Atsuko Yamagata. Closing the year with an exhibit on form and material, the three artists delve on the physicality of paint and the utilization of material eventually composed into processual emotions and intimate intentions.


Monica Delgado, stretching the boundaries of painting, has been practicing the medium through various processes such as squeezed, dripped and spreaded out resulting into collaged, stacked and layered works that blur the lines between mere painting, sculpture and object. Participating in different international art fairs and exhibiting in different galleries in the Philippines, Singapore, Mexico and the U.S, Monica Delgado is bringing her expertise in non-traditional painting to different continents alike.

Michelle Pérez
, is continuously developing the idea of paint.  The new works composed are bursts of hues, rallying away from the bold, singular colors of works from old. Holes, a recent element in her pieces, inhabit and intrigued a set of her art. Her process of handling paint is an experimental play on the capability of the medium and how it all comes together. Trained in drawing, mixed media and courses in impressionist painting in the Kuring-gai Art Centre in Sydney, Australia, Michelle Perez has been bringing light emotions into diffused colors using ubiquitous media.

Atsuko Yamagata, utilizing organic materials such as handmade paper and ink, is deeply inspired into the movement of nature, an elegance drawn in the history of her home country and influenced with the Filipino contemporaries she is surrounded by. Exhibiting between Japan and the Philippines, Atsuko Yamagata has been true to her roots and is currently expanding her practice in the country.





Michelle Perez
Circle with Holes

4 ft diameter
elastomeric paint on wood



Atsuko Yamagata
Being Updated

25 x 21 inches
glue, handmade paper, indian ink, acrylic, gofun on plexiglass



Monica Delgado
What’s a Painting Volume 13

20 x 24 inches
acrylic paint mounted on wood