Greenlight for Innovations on Sustainable Energy in Startup Competition

Impact Hub Manila Page Liked · June 16 · Edited · Calling all idea creators and energy entrepreneurs! Apply now for the Impact Hub Fellowship on Sustainable Energy Solutions with Peace & Equity Foundation and WWF-Philippines and get the chance to win more than ₱2.5 million worth of fellowship prizes, which includes ₱1.5 million seed funding, skill development trainings, mentorship, access to stimulating workspaces and valuable networks. Application Deadline: July 24, 2016. #ImpactHubManila #pefscaleup #wwf #sustainableenergy WWF LBC EXPRESS INC. Jojy Azurin Queens of Our Beautiful Planet - Philippines Christoph Birkholz Impact Hub Global Community Retreat: SEATTLE 2016 Ces Rondario Chris A. Kuster Jérémy Callegher ABS-CBN News CNN Matthew Cua Skyeye Dino Araneta Ellyne Lamin Frosch Sportreisen Schweiz Francisco Borabien Silvano III Diego Jose Ramos Daphne Montemayor Fideliz Sales Cimatu Howie-Ross Valino-Cheng Hui Joe Maristela Johan Janssens Olay Rullan Asian Development Bank - ADB IBM Philippines Hybrid Social Solutions, Inc. Jim Ayala Citihub Mandaluyong Panya Boonsirithum DTI Foreign Trade Service Corps TA Trade Advisory Group Inc. Tony Abad Kristine Alcantara April Mae Ong Vaño Jerahmeel Chen Richard "D-cal" Dacalos Social Play and Innovation Network - SPIN Ina Flores Litre of Light Illac Ancellotti Diaz Ami Valdemoro Minka Ventures Gawad Kalinga GK Enchanted Farm Tony Meloto Go Negosyo Guita Gopalan Information and Communications Technology Office (DOST-ICTO) AGREA Philippine Department of Energy Cropital Michael Rastas Jay Light Martin Jay Fajardo Jojo Flores Noreen Marian Bautista Mischa Armada HollerMall Maria Katrina Manalo Greenhouse Greenpeace Philippines Princess Lieza Manzon Miss Earth Schweiz Miss Earth QUEENS OF MISS EARTH DEDON Haworth RepRisk Timble Jourdan Sebastian Joanda Morales Julia Nebrija Bambike Bryan Benitez McClelland Brian Tenorio KKK Pinoy Food Revoluti


Fresh from the success of their first Fellowship Program on innovations in Mobility with leading courier and logistics company LBC, Impact Hub Manila is launching its new Fellowship Program focused on sustainable energy solutions in partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF).

After the historic Paris climate agreements in November 2015, there has been a growing interest in the role of clean technology entrepreneurship and innovation including sustainable energy as an essential tool to reach climate change goals. Energy production and consumption threatens not only health and quality of life, but also biodiversity, ecosystems and climate change. Sustainable energy will be the driving force for reducing poverty, promoting social progress, equity, enhanced resilience, economic growth and environmental sustainability. “We believe that by supporting entrepreneurs in the energy sector, we can slow down climate change,” said PEF Chairperson Benjamin Abadiano.


4 (L-R)Robert Calingo(PEF) Dr. Ria Lambino (WWF) Ces Rondario (Impact Hub Manila) Jim Ayala (Hybrid Social Solutions_Hubber) Coy Navarro (ADB) Lizan Kuster (Impact Hub Manila)
(L-R) Robert Calingo (PEF) Dr. Ria Lambino (WWF) Ces Rondario (Impact Hub Manila) Jim Ayala (Hybrid Social Solutions_Hubber) Coy Navarro (ADB) Lizan Kuster (Impact Hub Manila)


PEF, WWF together with Impact Hub Manila supports the best and most innovative ideas and business enterprises which address the need for sustainable energy solutions through the Impact Hub Fellowship Program. It is an incubation program for startups which focus on renewable energy; energy efficiency, access to energy and offgrid solutions, energy systems plus energy consumption reduction. WWF Philippines President & CEO Joel Palma said, “With our partners, we are excited to search for innovative ideas and enterprises which are aligned with our core values and objectives.”


4.4 Lizan Kuster (Co-Founder, Impact Hub Manila)
Lizan Kuster (Co-Founder, Impact Hub Manila)


The Fellowship program is designed to attract, select and support impact oriented entrepreneurs and help them realize their innovations for a more sustainable world. “Being topic focused in our delivery of fellowship programs is unique in the incubator / accelerator space and ensures that we are targeting the key pressing,” said Lizan Kuster, cofounder of Impact Hub Manila. Participants are given the chance to win more than ₱2.5 million worth of fellowship prizes. This includes ₱1.5 million seed funding, skill development trainings, mentorship, access to a stimulating workspace at Impact Hub Manila and valuable networks. “We doubled and tripled the number of fellows we will support for this year from just one startup team the last time which enables us to support more entrepreneurs,” Kuster added.


Media interviews.
Media interviews.


Aspiring entrepreneurs or early stage startups are welcome to apply, though the startup teams applying must be able to register their business in the Philippines and be able to work and live in the Philippines as well. Applications will open from June 16, 2016 until July 24, 2016 on Impact Hub Fellowship on Sustainable Energy Solutions. Impact Hub Manila in collaboration with WWF and PEF will conduct idea development workshop on June 22, 2016 and pitching workshop on July 21, 2016. The teams must submit their business plan as an entry for the Fellowship Program. Fifteen startups will be chosen to pitch in front of a panel of judges. The selected six to eight startups will participate in a six week business training program, called the Kick Program. Two to three teams will be selected as winning fellows of the program. These fellows will be incubated for six months. At the incubation phase, the Fellows will undergo further training to have their enterprise be ready for investment, and further customer validation of their product or service network.


Fellowship Timeline




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The Peace and Equity Foundation aspires to drive positive change in poor Filipino household communities by investing in social enterprises that will provide them with viable livelihood and better access to basic services. We work with partners who share this vision by developing models and best practices that will steer social enterprises to scale up. Founded in October 2001, our Foundation is the steward of an endowment fund and registered as a non-stock, non-profit organization based in Quezon City, Philippines.



WWF-Philippines has been working as a national organization of the WWF network since 1997. As the 26th national organization in the WWF network, WWF-Philippines is successfully implementing various conservation projects to help protect some of the most biologically significant ecosystems in Asia.



Impact Hub Manila is an impact driven company focusing on incubation and innovation. They support startups, talents, corporations and organizations with a wide range of training programs and consulting services, offering networking and co-working space. There are 81 impact Hubs around the world, with +15,000 members worldwide.