Moments de Creation



Opening on  March 4, 2017
The exhibition will run from March 4 to April 3, 2017
Galleria Duemila
210 Loring St. 1300 Pasay City


Moments de Creation focuses on the primal elements of life. Chinese ink, Sacha Cotture’s choice of medium is a return to form and a reverence to the centuries-old traditions.

The spontaneous handling is a testament on letting things flow, a characteristic evident in nature, the one true permanent thing. The featured works are stills in time. A split-second scene of natural occurences made in visceral yet assertive strokes make up the whole journey of Moments de Creation.

Sacha Cotture reveals that in painting he manages to connect to nature, a world away from his rigid construction materials and architectural forms. In this exhibit, he traverses the movements of nature as swift as the wind yet as solid as a rock. He lets the viewer peek in the processes of formation and the beauty of the beginning.

Sacha Cotture is a Swiss painter and an architect residing in Manila.