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MNL Icons In house Models


Mar Porras‎Quezon City Photo Club Follow · 16 hrs · Shoot With Beauty Queens MNL Icons In house Models, August 27, 2017(Sunday), 1:00 pm sharp Amphitheater Wildlife QC Photographers (200php/limited slots only)... See More — with Anne Dapito, Alemohr Dilanila, Alison Salvante Arro, Rina Mae Lao Saltarin, Chanel Florentino, Cyrah Rama, Jane Echaluce, Cj Lee Franco, Princezs April and Rona Malaluan Magan. --- Vladimir E Estocado ‎QCPC XXX eXciting eXtraordinary eXperience 14 hrs · With Candelaria Cherry Ann, Alison Salvante Arro, Chanel Florentino, Daisy Gimena Paraiso, Jane Echaluce and Princezs April.


August 27, 2017(Sunday), 1:00 pm sharp
Wildlife Quezon City
Photographers (200php/limited slots only)


List of Initial Photographers who’s successfully registered.

Registration is still going on. Limited Slots only and no walk in.
Models Release form will be given to the official participants.

1. Order #655119478 Joseph Lim
2. Order #655094587 Darius Ozana
3. Order #655152001 Howell Hutch Arandela
4. Order #655284331 John Robin Villarosa
5. Order #655806023 Harry Stamper
6. Order #655430211 Ramon Jose
7. Order #655439298 Othello Tanjoco
8. Order #655465602 Johndelff Villafuerte
9. Order #657567181 Ericka Jacolo
10 Order #655780905 Ryan Daquioag
11.Order #655810704 Melvin Tan
12.Order #655760194 Alex Tacorda
13.Order #658045537 Groezehellon Jeremias
14.Order #659444446 Tops Bueno
15.Order #660320835 Vladimir Estocado
16.Order #660320064 Eli Ben Barak


In-house Photographers

1. Mar Porras
2. James Noah Babila
3. Adrian Mermal
4. Zheena Pasos
5. Fritz Lyndon Blanco
6. Jonathan Bance
7. Kevin John Nota


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