SubVerso Bookfair 2016



Saturday, January 16, 2016
at 10:00am – 6:00pm
The Collective
7274 Malugay St. San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati, Philippines


SubVerso Bookfair 2016 is a literary event organized by artists, writers and a community of independent booksellers and individuals committed to reading and consuming any printed matter. More than a bookfair, it is a cultural event designed to promote local authors and literary work and the culture of reading in general. Participants will be from the various sections of the literary scene (independent publishers, booksellers, institutional publishing organizations, literary art collectives and others). There will be books, magazines and zines which we hope will reach a wide audience and community of readers and book lovers.

Co-organized by Kanto, Wabi Sabi, Aloha Bar, UkePH, Books Will Save the World, Dagitab, The Collective and No-Icons.