Visual Convalesce



09 December 2016  •  3PM
Autohaus BMW
Libis, Quezon City, Philippines
Exhibit runs until Dec. 11, Sunday.


Let creativity heal your identity

Convalesce means “to recover” or strengthen something over time. The students of Miriam College from the class History of Graphic Design and Typography, have come together to put up an exhibit in promoting our country by each region. They used visual art to help heal the identity of each province by creating posters, designing brochures, calling card, stationary and other promotional materials for the area that the students have picked to showcase the province.

Healing is not only for our body, our country needs it too. They created visual promotions to heal the negative perception of the provinces. Some are just neglected. There are so much to discover in our country. We will never appreciate its beauty if we don’t experience them.