WSK AXIS 2017: Festival of the Recently Possible



WSK unveils its latest iteration of the Festival of The Recently Possible: WSK AXIS 2017. To push for a stronger new media art community across Asia, the 8th version features an axis of exhibitions, concerts, fora, and workshops from contemporaries in Asia.





INTERSTICES: Manifolds of the In-between

Oct 23 – Nov 4, 2017
6th Floor, School of Design and Arts, De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde 
950 Ocampo Street, Manila, NCR 1004
Opening Reception: October 23 2017, 4 pm with a performance by Katsuki Nogami


Ian Carlo Jaucian, Derek Tumala, Tad Ermitano, Pauline and Ivan Despi (Philippines)

Ryuichi Kurokawa, Houxo Que, Katsuki Nogami (Japan)


Curated by Tengal Drilon, the exhibit will showcase works from new media artists from Japan and the Philippines. Artworks and performances will be installed in Center for Campus Art, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. More details about the show is found in our website:

Free admission, but you have to register your name here:


Ryoichi Kurokawa | Houxo Que | Tsuyoshi Hisakado | Pauline and Ivan Despi | Tad Ermitanio


Tad Ermitanio | Ian Carlo Jaucian | Katsuki Nogami


Derek Tumala


FREE ADMISSION. Please RSVP. To RSVP, please register at 



WSK 2017 will feature concerts on the evenings after the scheduled fora in the College of Saint Benilde in order to provide a platform for independent practitioners who produce the wealth of material from which researchers, curators, and archivists draw and re-establishing connections among a variety of different independent sound and media artists and collectives in the Philippines, the South East Asian region, and elsewhere on the globe. These programs will be handled by Erick Calilan and Itos Ledesma, artists who use sound as a medium of inquiry.

More details about the events are found in their respective event pages. Follow it for exciting updates:


Noisebath X Ruthless


24 Oct 9PM
Today x Future!!


Are you ready for some noise art?! Come thru!

One of the six major acts of WSK AXIS 2017: Festival of the Recently Possible, Noisebath x Ruthless is a night of collaborative explorations of visceral, abysmal noise that which violates the eardrum and articulates its own overwhelming presence upon the body. Noise has been understood as sound that falls beyond the reach of the normal, sound that is undesirable, sound that perennially finds itself on the outside. However, it reimagines its stature and recapitulates itself within the center, operating upon the underbelly of the present and reconfiguring its situation as brutal andunwanted to construct a new center that thickens with volume and texture, not meaning.

PERFORMERS: Lush Death x Dethomega x Slay Your Boyfriend | Kahugyaw x Drago Katzov | To Die [Indonesia]

For event leaks, RSVP here:




25 Oct 9PM
20b, La Fuerza Plaza 1, 2241 Don Chino Roces Avenue, 1231 Makati City


One of the six major acts of WSK AXIS 2017: Festival of the Recently Possible, LABYRINTH is a display of the landscape being reworked, a celebration of the experimental spirit that hovers over the labyrinthine soundscape of contemporary electronic music.

The labyrinth moves, for it is constantly disorienting and reorienting a number of related and unrelated trajectories. There is sound that emanates from variegated series of calculated experiments, spontaneous electronic fluctuations, or the combination of several unexpected elements, and it takes on the function of a system with an internal sense of order borne out of a complicated network of pathways that intersect and bifurcate. The calibration of synthesizers, the manipulation of code, the animation of electric currents all create a structure that is both solid and fluid at once.

PERFORMERS: squaresolid (Indonesia) | Gen Thalz | Sloj | Auspicious Family | Sewage Worker | Malek Lopez | .G/FK/DS





27 Oct 9PM


X-pol: Buwan Buwan × Maltine

Makati City


The best contemporary musicians from Japan and PH vibing out in one place for #WSKAxisFestival2017.




29 Oct 9PM




WSK Feedback Forum: “A Preliminary Archaeology of Experiments in Sonic Practice”

The WSK Feedback Forum will be held at the College of St. Benilde – School of Design and Art from October 25 to 28, 2017. Subtitled as “A Preliminary Archaeology of Experiments in Sonic Practice,” the main focus of the fora is to map and later publish the various histories of sound practice in the Philippines across different generations and locations—from it’s early intersections with punk and experimental film in the late 80’s and 90’s as elaborated by Children of Cathode Ray member Tad Ermitano, to late 90’s-early 00’s artist-run space ecologies as remembered by artist-curator Lena Cobangbang, onwards to the mid 00’s and ongoing sound and media art efforts of Tengal Drilon, to organizing and networking sound art projects outside the capital as documented by Erick Calilan and the Cavite- based EXIST network, and much more.

The fora also extends to WSK’s immediate network in Asia: from independent sound archivists (David Tarigan of Irama Nusantara, Jakarta and Joe Kidd of The Ricecooker Archives, Kuala Lumpur), key instigators and sound organizers (Sound Pocket of Hong Kong, Ujikaji of Singapore, Jogja Noise Bombing of Jogjakarta), to renowned sound culture scholars and researchers, such as Nakagawa Katsushi (Yokohama). The fora is co-convened and organized by Dayang Yraola and Merv Espina, both of whom have been actively and independently researching and curating sound and media art, with a keen focus on Asia, in the past decade.

The WSK Feedback Forum kicks off with a special panel on Asian Media Art in partnership with Asia Center Japan Foundation.

More details about the fora are found in their respective event pages. Follow it for updates:


Asian New Media Art Forum

25 Oct


One of the six major fora of WSK AXIS 2017: Festival of the Recently Possible, this fora features leading new media artists in Asia.

The panel is hosted by JAPAN FOUNDATION ASIA CENTER and moderated by WSK Exhibit Curator Tengal Drilon. Guest speakers will be Manila-based new media practitioner & festival exhibiting artist Tad Ermitano, together with Hiroshi Yoshioka, an Aesthetics professor from Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University, and curator of OGGAKI BIENNALE 2006.

Special Panel: Hiroshi Yoshioka | Tad Ermitanio | Tengal Drilon





Generations of Sound Practice in the Philippines

26 Oct
12/f Cinema 
DLS-CSB SDA Campus, 950 P. Ocampo St., Manila


One of the six major fora of WSK AXIS 2017: Festival of the Recently Possible, this forum features reports about the sound art community in Southeast Asia.

The aim of these panels is to survey activities, organizations and various forms of participation in different scenes across generations in PH. It should be noted however that this forum recognizes the possibility of translocality, thus, focusing more on the mobility of practitioners rather than emphasizing on what is happening in one location.

<Panel 1> Generations of Sound Practice in Manila
26 Oct | Thu | 1:30-3:30pm

Tad Ermitanio | Lena Cobangbang

The first panel aims to gather observations and experiences of participants in sound art practice/s from various generations, since the 80’s when Children of the Cathode Ray started, until 2000’s when synergies of practices were prominent in different locations like artist-run-spaces and small commercial galleries, among others. The panel will present three perspectives—one, from an artist participant (Tad Ermitano) and from a curator (Lena Cobangbang).

<Panel 2> Scene Report on Sound Practices (in the Philippines)
26 Oct | Thu | 4-6pm

Erick Calilan | Ryan Pangilinan & Markus Bulandus | Dexter Sy & PJ Ong

The second panel gathers scene reports from the sound art practices in Manila and other areas in the Philippines, like Tarlac, Cavite, and Cebu.

RSVP here:




Scene Reports: Sonic Practices in Asia

27 Oct


Independent Sound Archiving, Historicizing and Discourses

28 Oct




26 Oct 1-6pm
5th Floor, Sceneshop
School of Design and Arts


Our smartphones have become indispensable as they connect us to our friends, the world, and information in general.

This workshop aims to explore the relationship between the actions we perform to operate our smartphones and the images (photographs, video) that these devices provide us with. It also seeks to investigate the human physicality that faces off against information.

In the workshop, participants will operate smartphones with paint attached to their fingers, leaving the trajectory of their finger movements on the screen. This “painting” will accentuate the action of manipulating information as a trace of human act. While referencing the different paintings created by the participants, the workshop will elucidate the relationship between interfaces, action, and media-generated imagery.

> Participants must bring: Smartphone, Painting Brush

> Workshop includes: Protection screen for each phones, Acrylic luminous paint

> Instructor: Houxo Que

Sign up here for more details:




27 Oct 10-5pm
5th Floor, Sceneshop, School of Design and Arts
2544 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila, Philippines


Heresy is a new Manila-based art platform for women working with sound and interdisciplinary media. Conceptualized in 2013, HERESY pushes for a more gender-inclusive new media arts community by providing a venue for featuring women artists and cultural practitioners as the main performers, producers, and collaborators of artistic and performative work.

As part of WSK AXIS 2017: Festival of the Recently Possible, Heresy is holding a series of talks and demos of three female new media artists in the Philippines to talk about how they use technology to innovate in arts and design.



10:00AM-12:00 NN | SOUND AFX: Teresa Barrozo

1:00PM-3:00PM | OPEN SOURCE DESIGN: Gladys Regalado

3:00PM-5:00PM | PROJECTION DESIGN: Joee Mejias








29 Oct 1-7pm | UP Space









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Lush Death is meant to be experienced, not talked about. This specialist from Binangonan releases his various meditations on noise on physical media such as floppy diskettes, cassettes, and such. Lush death has performed abroad and has split releases with artists from the Indonesian Noise Scene. Watch him live and be prepared to go on a trip you never knew you wanted to go on. You have been warned.

Under ACID Distribution, Dethomega is one of the personas of a very hard working, multi-talented individual who is also part of bands such as GHYT, Riflekid, HL/DV and numerous other musical projects. His Noise, Ambient, Drone, Sound Collage EP entitled DETHOMEGA Traversing the Multiverse Sessions Earth 0 : [Primordial Avalon] is available through Digital channels and Physical means in limited quantities.

Slay Your Boyfriend‘s physical live performances squeeze out sound from sources you would never think of. His frequent collaboration with blurs he lines between noise and music to the level of insanity. Slay your Boyfriend recently released a split cassette with Chinese noise legend Torturing Nurse.

Kahugyaw, armed with a seven-string electric guitar and quite the assortment of electronic devices to manipulate, duplicate, repeat, distort and bend sound to his will in almost every (and most of the time unexpected) manner, This lone wolf’s orchestrations of emphatic soundscapes full of doom and gloom is not to be missed. His First EP entitled MGA SIGAW NI KUALA was well received by aficionados of strange music worldwide.

Drago Katzov, subject in question is a primitivist echo trapped in gross motor movements paralyzed by the analysis of matters filial and parental. His work is not experimental; he knows exactly what he wants to convey. From the UK by way of Harsh Noise Movement / HNM Records to Indonesia via the Gerpfast Kolektif, he has reached the hearts and minds of many, much to their satisfactory regret and regretful satisfaction.

Martinus Indra Hermawan a.k.a Indra Menus also known by his stage name – To Die. He sparked the project To Die in 1998 as an off-shoot band plays hardcore punk music in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. To Die later developed into a solo project he is playing in a vocal composition with Drone and Ambient Noise.
Indra is also active in the independent music gig organizers, Kongsi Jahat Syndicate; band tour booking agency, YK Booking; General Manager of independent records label, Doggy House Records; and engaged in zine archives and exhibition, Jogjakarta Zine Attak!. Indra also working as a director in Jogja Records Store Club, a collective of records store and records label based in Yogyakarta.
In 2009 he became one of the initiators of Jogja Noise Bombing, a collective focus on music and experimental noise in Yogyakarta which is known to organize an annual Noise festival called Jogja Noise Bombing Festival.
Indra also writing in a Malaysian based music magazine called Shock and Awe as well as a music reviewer in Warning Magazine. Under Japan Foundation’s Asia Center 2016 fellowship program, Indra Menus started his music research titled “Building a Network between Experimental Noise Scenes in South East Asia and Japan”.

RUTHLESS is an organization among musicians and sound artists in the Philippines. The main intention of the faction is to educate people to understand the creative construction and demonstration of “Sound” as an art form and the principal element for making music.

Noisebath PH is an open community for experimental sound artists in Philippines. It started in 2015 as an online documentation of Sunday Oddities, a weekly simulation and recording of live noise tracks in Tarlac. It hosted the Dead Nation noise bombing, a series of live sets by experimental sound artists including Lush Death, Slay Your Boyfriend, Dethomega, To Die, Drago Katzov, Gen Thalz, Pet School, Hibernation and many others. Noisebath PH is also acting as a semi-label for noise releases of Hibernation including a collaboration with Slay Your Boyriend, a harsh noise detonator from San Juan, Manila. Through the efforts of artists from Rizal and Manila, Noisebath PH is still continuing its existence as a community for sound artists.