Book Bar at the Warehouse


January 27-28, 2017, 1PM-9PM.
Warehouse Eight
La Fuerza Compound, Makati City


Independent Book Bar to open at La Fuerza Compound 


Spearheaded by the founders of Komura; book fair, Warehouse Eight is helping Kwago build a book bar at La Fuerza compound to provide a platform for authentic and alternative learning, as well as a literary playground where the Filipino small and specialty press community can showcase and sell their works, however experimental they may be.

A tiny respite at the bottom of Warehouse Eight, the book bar will be co-designed by artist Jem Magbanua who is known for exploring the nature of being by studying structures and spaces. The bar will offer fiction-inspired drinks that will be developed with the help of YDG Coffee founder Marco Tarog and Matthew Carpio.

“Literature, coffee and a good conversation—this is what the book bar offers in three words,” Komura; co-founder and owner of Kwago Czyka Tumaliuan quipped.

With a mission to bridge our local storytellers to a wider audience both here and abroad, Tumaliuan clarified that Kwago is not a bookstore, but a platform to nurture the craft and develop genuine connections among readers and writers.

“Kwago is not only a bookstore, it’s an alternative learning platform. The bookstore is there to help sustain the independent press community, so they can make more weird, unpopular stuff, and afford to quit their full-time corporate jobs even if only a few people read and appreciate what they make,” Tumaliuan shared.

Tumaliuan admitted that she doesn’t have enough funds to fully launch or operate this year, but Warehouse Eight offered to help and is co-organizing a two-day fundraising gathering at the Warehouse on Jan 27-28, 2017, 1PM-9PM.

The open fundraising event aims to share the vision of Warehouse Eight and Kwago, as well as promote organic collaborations and support in the creative community.

“It’s an open invitation to be part of the process of building our shared vision,” Komura; co-founders said.

Dionisio said that her relationship with Kwago is more of a partner rather than a tenant. She also confessed that she’s been looking for a way to use the little nook at the bottom of the co-working space, but it was hard to find a concept that can stand on its own yet genuinely resonates what the Warehouse stands for and vibes with the strong creative energy at La Fuerza.

“I’ve always pushed for the space downstairs to be utilized in some way. It’s the first point of entry for our guests and tenants and it was hard to find a concept with its own identity, yet was also grounded to the essence of not just Warehouse Eight but the energy of La Fuerza compound. And a breakout space for deep dialogues, learning, and a quiet cup of coffee fits,” Komura; co-founder and co-owner of Warehouse Eight Dionisio shared.

“We’re giving a home to an idea we believe in and will help her bring it to life,” Dionisio added.

All sales from the bar and store will directly fund the construction of the book bar. Guests can freely donate furniture, money, artworks, zines, books, and other things that can be used and repurposed for the book bar.





Fiction-inspired drinks

Play-your-own-vinyl lounge

Free prints and zines

Drunken poetry reading

Dialogues about the indie press community


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Warehouse Eight is a versatile and cozy warehouse housed in the artsy compound of La Fuerza. A coworking & events space by nature, they collaborate and curate genuine experiences- providing a home for your ideas to grow and be brought to life.
Business address: Warehouse 8a, La Fuerza Plaza, 2241 Chino Roces ave., Makati 1231




Kwago is a Manila-based independent bookstore that offers a highly curated collection of used and new books. It aims to provide a platform for local publishers and writers to reach a wider audience both here and abroad. It’s vision is to have a reading nook in every Filipino home.
Business address: Warehouse 8a, La Fuerza Plaza, 2241 Chino Roces ave., Makati 1231